Cathy Montie

Cathy has 42 years of experience in the body art industry and is the owner of Absolute Tattoo, Piercing, and Permanent Cosmetics in San Diego, California. "Absolute" was established in 1998 and is one of the largest body art shops in San Diego County. She is also the owner of Cathy Montie Body Art Training Company ( that provides approved bloodborne pathogen control training classes as well as other safety and technical training to body art professionals. Her classes are available online or in person.

Cathy is an OSHA Authorized Outreach (Industry-Specific) Trainer and serves on the California State Steering Committee for AB 300, the California Safe Body Art Act that was passed into law. As a Committee member, she provides training and helps unite the body art industry and the regulatory agencies in the common goal of safe body art.

Cathy became a body art industry representative to the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health in 1997 and has participated in several of the County's industry outreach activities. She provides continuing technical expertise as a member of the Department's Body Art Ordinance Committee. She has also served as an Expert Witness.

Cathy is also a member of the National Tattoo Association.

Cathy can be contacted at (619) 303-5893 or at