Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get live support during the class? YES, we are here for you! There is a phone number on the screen that will connect you directly to us.


Can I get my certificate immediately? Certificates DO NOT print out automatically at the end. We carefully review your class duration, test score and certificate requests before emailing your certificate. Each certificate is individually printed, so be patient and we will get them to you within 24 hours.


What if I lose my internet connection during the class? After you pay, you will receive a "Don't panic!" email from us. If you don't see it, please check your spam. This email tells you how to get right back on and resume taking the class. If someone else pays for you, check their email.


What if I lose my place or have another problem viewing the class? If you lose your place you can go right back on the link you received in your email. Be sure to use the same computer and browser so you will be taken directly back to the place you left off. We recommend that you to restart your computer if you are still having problems.


Why can't I use my smart phone or tablet to take the class? Use a Laptop or Desktop computer only! Tablets and phones are not supported.


I accidently paid more than once. What do I do? If you paid more than once we will happily give you a refund. Email us the information and explain that you paid more than once.


How do I get this ball rolling? Follow the steps in order on the screen. They will lead you through the process. Remember, to receive your certificate you MUST fill out the "request certificate" form after you've completed the class and taken the test. See #2 above for certificate info.


How do I advance through the class? You will find arrows at the bottom of each slide. They will allow you to go forward and back if you wish to review a slide after the audio is complete. The class is timed due to federal and state law.